Friday, April 13

Visual Blogging: Interactive Nightmare - Improved?

From 4/9/07 Blackboard Class Discussion posting:
Here's one from Milwaukee that right up the yawn hierarchy from the museum of brands, packaging and advertising:

The site relies too heavily on a picture of its sparse interior. Wha-hoo! Now, I hope no one get too excited from that snapshot. (I'm pretty sure that's the wall divider that's directly across from the reception desk.) The concept of the museum is novel and more power to Mr. Eisner's family and friends for supporting it.

However, their Web site is pretty telling with regards to what a visit to the museum might entail. Just like the site... interactivity is TOTALLY lacking!!! I guess I'm a "hands on" visitor and if there aren't any tires for me to kick, then I'd really like to watch some sort of visual gymnastics.

4/13/07... Whoa! Did someone at The Eisner see my blog?
They've updated the photo on their splash page.

But, before anyone gets excited...
I decided to refresh my browser window...

and I refreshed it again...

...and again...

Unbelievable! I thought I was the only ya-hoo in Wisconsin that can't create slideshows (sad attempt to sucker Lars into helping me with my quilt slideshow).
Now, this may be because of my choice of browser (Safari), but it seems like they would rather let their repeat visitors think they're updating their site.

Sigh! This site is so dry it cracks when I look at it.
And, this is really so very sad because The Eisner has one awesome street address!
They're right in the middle of Milwaukee's Third Ward... THE spot for graphic designers, ad agencies, art galleries and antiques!

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